Inspiring collaborations between people of all ages and curiosities

Experts have proven the advantages of intergenerational relations to be statistically significant.

We are not these experts, so we rely on our partners for their leadership. We have seen the benefits of intergenerational outcomes first hand and practice them daily in our own world. We do see ourselves as experts in FUN.

It’s not simply pairing children with older people, but bringing people together from all walks of life in different demographics – providing connection and understanding, tolerance and acceptance, education and growth and back to FUN.

We want to help share wisdom and culture between diverse groups and document those experiences. We hope to generate our own statistics and be part of building a better community between generations.

We support community partners and non-profit organizations that provide services to both youth and seniors and the people who care for them. We contribute marketing partnerships to increase participation, and production to document those compelling stories and interaction.

Our success is built on kindred spirits. We consider anyone invested in collaborating with youth to older adults as a potential partnership.

We can help you tell your story

Services include social media, PSAs, podcasts, documentaries, and consumer marketing.

Who we are

Cheryl Shaver

The pandemic brought real disparities to light, and seniors and kids suffered the most consequence. As manager of marketing and development at the Barton Senior Center preceded by a long career in music and tech startups my experience helps to craft the vision and passion of our projects. It became obvious that content that spoke to them, positively influenced them and brought light as well as a sense of empowerment was essential. The end goal is that young or old, people will see the value in these relationships and seek the wisdom and inspiration that can result.

JoAnn Larsen

As I advanced in my real life experiences, I realized more & more how enlightening hanging out with young people could be.  Rather than being set in their ways (like so many of us can be as we age), the younger generation has a fresh perspective which can be contagious.  It’s  refreshing to witness their enthusiasm, and see situations through their eyes.  As we age, we tend to forget how to laugh & enjoy the spontaneity of the moment – sharing experiences with those not in our demographic can be FUN!  Storytelling can be compelling, and we hope to share entertaining content serving a wide spectrum of ages – and give us all some much needed intergenerational insight & enlightenment.  We hope you’ll join us…you just might open a new pathway to learning & inspiration.

Duke Antczak

I am passionate about interacting with a diverse group of people and putting technological puzzles together to create compelling videos.  I’m an easy-going fun motorsports fan who likes to work with cameras and explore new technology.